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Solar Arrow Board Trailer

  • Solar Arrow Board Trailer
  • Solar Arrow Board Trailer
  • Solar Arrow Board Trailer
  • Solar Arrow Board Trailer
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The solar arrow board trailer is a versatile, low operating cost arrow board that provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones. These boards allow you to inform drivers of upcoming road conditions and direct the flow of traffic with just the right amount of visibility for your project. This system is powered by a battery storage bank charged by a top-mounted, shadow-free solar panel. This solar arrow board trailer provides advanced warning and directional information around maintenance and through construction zones. The solar arrow board is also ideal for construction zones, military, cities, and counties.


Size 1400*600mm(55*24"),1600*800mm(63*31"), 2440*1220mm(96*48")
Solar Panel 20w/ 50w  Monocrystalline Silicon
Led Quantity 12*25pcs
Battery 12V/65Ah Lead-acid Battery
Controller Daytime or only Night Flashing
Working Time >200H after Standard Light Full Charging
Material Iron Section+High Transparency Polycarbonate PC
Visual Distance 1000m
Protection Level IP65
Working Environment                   -25°C—+65°C
Lifespan 3-5years

Solar-Guide-Board-TrailerOperating Mode Show of Led Arrow Board:


1.Mounted on a heavy-duty trailer.
2.Long service time
3.The Arrow Board's solid-state, hi-tech controller incorporates an automatic intensity control to keep the lamps bright, even during low battery situations.
4.Wide visual angle & long visual distance




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