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PC/Acrylic Convex Mirrors

  • PC/Acrylic Convex Mirrors
  • PC/Acrylic Convex Mirrors
  • PC/Acrylic Convex Mirrors
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The convex mirror is also known as the spherical mirror, wide-angle mirror, it is mostly placed or installed in a variety of corners and junctions. It can expand the driver's vision so as to detect the corners across the vehicle early to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. And it also can serve as a monitor if installed in the street corridors and shops. The PMMA surface convex mirrors of different domes are ideal for retail and security surveillance,safety in busy corridors, theft deterrence and corner mounting for situations that require wide area surveillance.



  Model           Diameter (cm)           Surface     Back        Weight (kg)
Full Dome 360°Mirror MD-40 Φ40 PMMA ABS 0.5
MD-60 Φ60 0.9
Half Dome 180°Mirror          MH-40 Φ40 0.25
MH-60 Φ60 0.45
MH-80 Φ80 0.75
Quarter Dome Mirror MQ-50 Φ50 0.16
MQ-60 Φ60 0.22


The outdoor PC convex mirror works best in the turning of the road, most general traffic situations such as blind corners and intersections. The indoor convex mirror is ideal for the retail stores, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, office buildings, schools, churches, restaurants, museums to discourage someone who need privacy to risk a theft.



  Model Diameter (cm)     Surface     Back        Weight (kg)   
Outdoor     MCC-45 Φ45 PC ABS 1.5
MCC-60 Φ60 2.5
MCC-80 Φ80 4.5
MCC-100     Φ100 7
MCC-120 Φ120 13






In order to meet your needs, we can put the reflective film on the convex mirror's frame:


Clear and definite mirror image, easy and convenient installation.
Firm, long time using and anti-crash.
Anti-ultraviolet radiation
Additional weatherproofing
Unbreakable, unaffected by heat and easier to clean






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