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Flexible PVC Traffic Cones

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This PVC traffic cone is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) delivering high visibility under all weather conditions. It is pressure proof, sun proof, and water proof, anti-aging and durable. Roadsky can provide safety cones from 300mm to 900mm. The weight can be customized from 1kg to 4.5kg. Height, weight of the cone can be customized according to customers' request. CVR Series Traffic Cones: CVR Series Traffic Cones have rubber bases which can increase the weight of the cones. This will make the cones more stable. The weight and size of the cone and base both can be customized.


Model CVR-90 CVR-75 CVR-72 CVR-70 CVR-45 CVR-30
Height 900mm 750mm 720mm 700mm 450mm 300mm
Weight 4.5kg 3.7kg 3.3kg 3.1kg 1.3kg 1.0kg
Base size         360*360mm     360*360mm    360*360mm    360*360mm    270*270mm     220*220mm   

                CV Series Traffic Cones:

Specification CV-30 CV-45 CV-50 CV-70      CV-75A    CV-75B
Height (mm) 300 450 500 700 750 750
Weight (kg) 0.7 1.0 1.3 1.9 3.0 4.15
Base Size (mm) 220*220 280*280 300*300 350*350 400*400 400*400   
Color Red,Yellow,Green,Blue,Orange,etc
Working Temperature      -40-70℃



Application: The traffic cone can work together with traffic cone bar, traffic cone ring, safety chain, traffic cone solar warning lamp, so that it can do better work of warning and isolation. It is commonly used in parking lots,garages, construction sites, hotels, amusement parks, airports, hospitals, and schools,etc. PVC rubber traffic cone are flexible, durable PVC traffic cones with rubber base. The square base won't roll away even it is knocked over. The reflective collar increases visibility, mark hazardous areas to prevent accidents and set up safe traffic lanes. They are designed to be highly visible and movable and various sizes are available, commonly ranging from around 300 mm to 900 mm.





Traffic Cone Bar Traffic Cone Bar Retractable-Cone-Topper-1 Retractable Cone Topper plastic-chains Plastic Cone Chains


Bright fluorescent color provides good visibility.
UV resistant, durable Flexible and can bear crashing for more than 1000 times
Great weather resistance.





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